Welcome to Nebula Centre!

Here we plan to publish various content of different mediums, provide a public communication platform and create a hub to share ideas from members of the Nebula Centre Project.


26 August 2019: After much time in development, the Nebula Centre Project is excited to present Nebula Draw, the premiere ASCII drawing tool. Along with this news also comes minor improvements to the curation section.

04 July 2019: The nebulacentre.ga domain has been retired and within the next few hours will cease operation. Two new wallpapers have also been added to the wallpaper curation.

12 May 2019: The Nebula Centre Project thanks its guests for being patient between updates. Today marks the start of achieving the final goal of the Nebula Centre Project, a curation service. Although the submission process for content is not automated currently, it will be in the near future. The "Wallpapers" page as well as the "Applications" page have been merged into the curation section, with a new user-interface created for navigating between them. The Nebula Centre Project has also worked to make the new curation section accessible on smaller displays. Other pages have also been optimized and fixed. Please report any issues to the Administrator.

16 March 2019: After many months of development, the Nebula Centre Project has made its first major investment, a paid top-level domain. Over the next few hours, the old domain will be merged to the new domain.

13 March 2019: A slight change to the color scheme of the Nebula Centre Project has been applied, as well as a small cleanup of the website.

11 March 2019: The Nebula Centre Project has implemented a data collection statement, viewable here. This does not change how the Nebula Centre Project treats user information (hence why it is a statement, rather than a policy), rather it is a declaration of what information the Nebula Centre Project has collected and does collect. Due to the recent addition of a interactive page, the Nebula Centre Project decided it would be a good time to share our pro-user privacy belief and how we stand behind it, with our users.

24 February 2019: The Nebula Centre Project would like to apologize for the significant downtime the website has experienced. However this downtime has allowed us to upgrade the current server infrastructure which the Nebula Centre Project operates on and improve the general security of the website. Both of these should improve the user experience, speed and security wise.

18 February 2019: After much time, the Nebula Centre Project is excited to announce the completion of our public communication service! Go check it out here! Along with this service, a new suite of backend software has been added to the Nebula Centre Project. This should allow the site to act more responsive to users, while using less resources. However, if you encounter any errors while browsing Nebula Centre, please contact the administrator.

02 January 2019: Happy New Year (one day off)! The Nebula Centre Project is looking forward to a bright year in the development of the Project. The wallpaper page has, yet again, been improved. Three new wallpapers have been added as well as a new view for the page, allowing guests with larger displays to view more wallpaper previews at once.

25 December 2018: Merry Christmas! The Nebula Centre Project would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. New optimizations have been brought to the wallpaper page. Images previews load much faster now, especially on mobile devices. A new logo has also been selected by the Nebula Centre Project.

02 December 2018: A new "Applications" module has now been added to Nebula Centre. We expect to curate applications from collaborators in the near future.

16 August 2018: Nebula Centre is mobile optimizied now! Text is much easier to read on mobile devices and content scales to different screen sizes.

06 August 2018: Nebula Centre has a fully encrypted SSL connection now, courtesy of OpenSSL, Let's Encrypt and the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

31 July 2018: We now have a domain!

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