The Nebula Centre Project's data collection statement can be viewed here.

What is the Nebula Centre Project?

The Nebula Centre Project is an active project created by a small group. The Nebula Centre Project does not currently have an end goal, but does have a series of primary goals, which are currently being pursued and will always be considered in future judgements. These are:

Further elaboration of each goal is explained below.

Provide an independent curation service for a variety of content.

The Nebula Centre Project (NCP) will provide a source for independently created content. This will be achieved by the NCP partnering with creators (of various types of content) to provide a open curation service for their work. This service will be extended by creating a software wizard to upload public-created content to the Nebula Centre Curation Service.

If you would like to partner with the NCP and publish your content on the Nebula Centre Curation Service, please contact us here.

Create a hub for the sharing of ideas by members of the Nebula Centre Project.

The Nebula Centre Project will serve as a place for the communication of ideas by members of the Nebula Centre Project. This will complement the public communication service, by creating a trusted source for the spread of ideas by members of the Nebula Centre Project.

Provide an independent public communication service.

Members of the Nebula Centre Project are currently working on deploying a public communication service accessible through a webpage as well as through a seperate client. This communication service will strive to be as accessible and independent as possible. These sub-goals are planned to be met by utilizing open standards as well as attempting to make accessing open standards easier through the use of auto-setup software and intuitive tutorials for the enduser.

Who is the group behind the Nebula Centre Project?

Members of the Nebula Centre Project are a diverse group of independent artists, engineers, programmers, designers and architects. They work together to operate the Nebula Centre Project and are the main force behind its creation, operation and sustainability.

Licensing, Copyright, etc.

Unless otherwise stated, all content (text, images, video, etc) resides in the Public Domain. This allows for the free sharing of content for any use.

For any inquiries on specific content or more information about this subject, contact us here.

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