A collection of Free and Open Source productivity applications created by members and collaborators of the Nebula Centre Project.


Calceel is an actively developed interactive Command Line Interface (CLI) calculator. Licensed under the GPL V2 License. Inspired by qalculate and bc. Calceel includes improvements which aim to increase usability at the expense of automation. It is currently in the "beta" stage of development.


Ignore any warnings from your browser related to the validity of the file. The Nebula Centre Project prides itself on the trust of its users. If you are still unsure about the file, you can view a raw version of the source code of calceel in your browser here.

Installation and Execution Instructions

Install Python for your Linux distribution. See instructions for your distribution here.
Type chmod +x calceel.py in your terminal.
Double-click the calceel.py file in your file manager, or type ./calceel.py in your terminal.
Install Python for Windows here.
Double-click the calceel.py file in Windows Explorer.

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