The Nebula Centre Project has always had a firm belief in user-privacy and the power that the user has, and should have. The initial roots of the Nebula Centre Project lie in this belief and it is one of the main driving forces behind the project. The Nebula Centre Project believes that you, the user, should know what data is being collected about you and how it is being used. We believe these goals are and should be at the heart of every trust relationship a service has with their users.

The Nebula Centre Project attempts to keep as much of the project's frontend as user-privacy concious as possible, in respect to our beliefs. As a result of this, only a minimal amount of information is collected. This includes:

This information is not shared with any other parties or entities and only used for technical maintenance and revision of the infrastructure which the Nebula Centre Project operates upon. It is important to note that a user's IP Address as well as user-agent on the Nebula Centre Project cannot be tied together in a strict manner due to the current port routing system being used.

A real example of how one set of this information was used, was to block rogue requests from accessing the server which the project is hosted upon. This allowed the project to continue to serve users without disruption. Even though the requests were made from an IP address, the only information attached to that IP address was its country of origin.


The Nebula Centre Project's Communications service is unique in that it is currently the only dynamic page on the frontend of the Nebula Centre Project. This means that additional user information can be collected. As the Nebula Centre Project holds a firm belief in user privacy, no additional information is collected, besides that which is mentioned above. Any messages sent from a user are not traceable to an IP address or other type of information listed above, making any communications on the Communications service effectively anonymous.

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